(Remote) Bio-Resonance Test


The Remote Bio-Resonance Test is a full-body check-up that can give you reasons for the decrease in body energy levels. It can be due to an immunity issue, hormonal imbalance, microbial parasites, nutritional deficiencies, or a metabolic issue. The Bio-Resonance Test will give you all this information. You can consult your healthcare professional if necessary.


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This is a remote full-body Bio-Resonance Test. This method uses the theory of the great scientist Albert Einstein - "Spooky action at a distance".

This is a safe method to measure your body's immunity without having to visit a clinic. By analyzing your DNA sample, this test is also able to tell you the nutritional deficiencies of your body.

Step 1: Purchase the 'Remote Bio-Resonance Test'

Step 2: Complete the Remote Bio-Resonance Test Form

Step 3: Send in a sample of at least 10 hair strands with the follicle and 5 nail clippings (hand/toe) in a sealed polythene packet to us. Please courier your test sample to the following address:

No. 205A, Sri Jinarathana Mawatha

Batakettara, Madapatha, Piliyandala

Sri Lanka 10306 

(Please mention your name, invoice number & telephone number on the cover of your parcel for tracking purposes)

For more information, contact +94 71 350 3450


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